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Looking for nice person who works hard

I am a married woman and have to work around the children – which can be difficult at times! But I have the most wonderful husband who understands and is even helping me find what I am looking for. We have a special life together, but I want so much more than he can offer. Don’t get me wrong, I am not looking to split up with my husband, he will stay as my husband, but I want you to be my lover. It would be with you, not him, that I would make love. I do have a real weakness for good looking young men ;)

I know many men are looking for something more permanent. But do you really want a girlfriend who would stop you going to the pub with your mates, or to the football, or kick you off the xbox, or nag at you to put up a shelf? Or would you prefer one who lets you do all of these and can still give you the love and attention you need?

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